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Cintropur SPARES : filter sleeveS

Cintropur Spares: Replacement Filter Sleeves

Cintropur spare filter sleeves are an inexpensive and reliable method to remove solid particles (earth, sand, rust etc) from water supplies.

Cintropur Filter Sleeves are supplied in packs of 5 units  available in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 300 microns.

Sleeves between 1 and 100 microns are disposable while 150 microns and 300 microns filter sleeves are washable.


Multiple pore sizes

Easy to replace

Easy inspection

Replacement and spare Cintropur filter sleeves
Industrial replacement and spare Cintropur filter sleeves

What is the best pore size for each use?

Most frequent questions and answers about Cintropur filter sleeves

Pore size : 1, 5 and 10 microns ?

1, 5 and 10 micron filter sleeves are typicaly  recommended for an efficient protection of membranes (nano and micro filtration and reverse osmosis)

Pore size : 50 and 100 microns ?

50 and 100 microns are typical pore size in pre-filters when multiple stages are used. It can also be used to filter public water mains, bore and well waters…

Pore size : 25 microns ?

25 micron it is the most versatile and thesstandard pore size that comes by default with all CINTROPUR® filters.  It is a good choice for retaining all particles on rainwater harvesting, bore and well waters. It can also be used to filtrate the public water mains or before a UV sterilization device. 

Pore size : 150 and 300 microns ?

150 and 300 microns pore sizes are a good choice for irrigation, protecting spray nozzles. They can also be used as a coarse pre-filtration when multiple filtration stages are utilised.

Both type of filter sleeves are made of nylon and are washable.

Basic principle and advantages

Made entirely from first quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR filters are perfectly suitable for food products and drinking water.

The CINTROPUR vane transforms the liquid flow into a centrifugal spin by throwing the larger particles down into the lower bowl while the filters sleeves prevent smaller particles from passing through. The bowls transparency facilitates visual inspection of the sleeves condition and the level of deposits to be purged via the drain tap.

CINTROPUR filters are a robust, reliable and inexpensive solution for protecting sanitary fittings, washing machines and other apliances.


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