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Desing, supply and commissioning. Skid-mounted or containerised

“Reliability, rapid deployment and controlled costs, all hand-in-hand”

Rather than simply supplying skid-mounted equipment, Alscore can manage the complete project and deliver a fully operational water-treatment plant. These projects are based on the premise that all parts are installed and factory tested within a certain enclosure (marine container or sandwich panel container) before delivery to site.

This scenario guarantees an extremely rapid deployment while all engineering an installation costs are kept within budget.

Once the water treatment plants are delivered to site, only basic power cabling and input-output hydraulic connections separates the project from final commissioning and the finish line is crossed with the handover of the CAD drawings, technical data sheets and operational manuals along with onsite training.

Alscore focuses on low operating costs, minimal required intervention, low energy consumption and flexible expansion options in all our projects.


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