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Original parts & service : a lifetime warranty

Alscore offers a wide range of product support and service along with original parts for all our distributed products. We only recommend genuine parts to fit and complement your valuable equipment.

What do genuine parts do for you?

  • Maximise the productivity and life of your equipment
  • Promote longevity in the life of other component parts
  • Promote efficiency in operation and in fuel consumption
  • Assure the highest standards of safety and functionality

Using genuine parts reduces the risk of damage that can result from the use of non-genuine parts, such as…

  • Rapid wear
  • Compromised performance
  • Poor reliability
  • Higher oil and fuel consumption
  • Component damage and failure

Alscore also offers a comprehensive maintenance and service capability for our family of products. Our Service Technicians can offer onsite attention to keep your equipment in prime operating order.

Our services include:

  • Membrane cleaning on site
  • Membrane exchange
  • Performance evaluation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plants inspection 
  • Process optimization
  • Cleaning on site



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