Wastewater Treatment: MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor)


Alscore’s MBBR system is a containerised wastewater treatment plant based on attached biological growth. This is a biological reactor where microorganisms that carry out the treatment are kept suspended in the aeration tank attached to small plastic carrier media and is an ideal solution for sewage treatment plants of up to 1000 PE (population equivalent).

The purpose of the MBBR reactor being continuously aerated using pressurised air is to provide the oxygen required by the bacteria to digest the biological load on the one hand, and to ensure that the support carrier remains in suspension. Alscore’s process design also include the suspended media in anoxic zones for sewage denitrification.

Different process configurations can be used for BOD removal, biological nitrification and biological nitrogen removal, but all of them will require a primary wastewater pre-treatment. To simplify the water input requirements Alscore MBBR plants include a compact pre-treatment chamber for screening and grit removal. Typically, the first stage of the MBBR plant will remove most of the soluble BOD load. The second stage will include the nitrification reactors.

When nitrification is part of the design of the wastewater treatment it is important to consider the amount of soluble BOD entering our MBBR plant, as two BOD reactors in series can be used to guarantee effective nitrification rates. Two BOD reactors in series can also be used to increment the treatment capacity of industrial or combined domestic/industrial MBBR wastewater plants providing a high rate BOD uptake.

The major advantages of our MBBR sewage treatment plants are the small footprint, simplicity of operation, ability to withstand peak wet weather flow variations and versatility and adaptability to remove not only BOD but also biological nitrogen with no operational attention or interruption.

Because of the relatively low suspended solids concentration in the effluent from our MBBR wastewater plants (they all come with a Lamella Clarifier as standard feature), solids recycling is not required

The MBBR wastewater treatment process is quite flexible and can be used in several different ways : 

  • For BOD removal (dimensioned for BOD/day)
  • For Nitrification reactor (dimensioned for NH3-N/day)
  • For Denitrification (dimensioned for NO3-N/day)
  • For any combination of the three above
Main Benefits
  • Up to 1,000 Population Equivalent (PE) capacity  
  • 90% -95% BOD removal
  • Minimum civil works: just a concrete slab is required
  • Quick deployment and scalability
  • Completely automated process with minimum supervision
  • Up to 50% less footprint compared to traditional treatments

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Qualified Feed Water* Typical Effluent Quality
BOD (mg/l)
< 500 mg/l
< 20 mg/l
Total Suspended Solids
< 450 mg/l
< 40 mg/l
Total Nitrogen
< 60 mg/l
< 10 mg/l
Total Phosphorus
< 16 mg/l
< 5 mg/l
E Coli
< 10^8 / 100 ml
< 10^5 / 100 ml
Oil & grease
< 100 mg/l
< 10 mg/l
* higher values of any of these parameters area accepted. Contact us for a personalised solutions
Features & Options Standard Option
1 mm bar screening (pretreatment)
Feed pump
Two-Stage BOD removal
Lamella clarifier (post-treatment)
SCADA control
Chlorine Sterlization (post-treatment)
Sludge dewatering (post-treatment)
All equipment supplied as ISO Containers
Media Filtration

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